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Falling for Fall! Fall Season Food Trends.

Trends always come and go, just as the hottest fashion style (although we will always believe in timeless classic foods). So what new food trends can you look forward to?

Crudités’ awakening, as raw vegetables get posh. Watch farmers getting creative with varietal colors in carrots, cauliflowers and potatoes. Keeping it raw also makes for a gorgeous display. But Veggies are getting the spotlight treatment. Some blames it on the rising cost of meat while others attribute it to health- conscious foodies. In any case, one of my preferred way of serving vegetables is as a beautiful variety of grilled vegetables served with fresh basil and thyme.

Deserts Go Miniature. Speaking of sweets, you can say goodbye to the days of super-sized desserts overflowing with hot fudge and multiple scoops of ice cream. These days, chefs offers sweet treat like Petit Cheesecakes, mini French pastries or deserts small enough to fit in a shot glass.

– Mediterranean Influence. In addition to yogurt and olives, Mediterranean staples are dominating the culinary world. Some of the star products includes goat milk, feta cheese, and lamb. We took the opportunity to beef up one of favorite menu; the Skewers & Kabobs menu with a Mediterranean chicken kabobs marinated in yogurt and cumin and our new grilled lamb kabob served with a fresh herb pesto.

Produce of the season: figs! The next time you’re on the hunt for figs make sure to look for those that are plump, tender, and have a deep color. Figs are delicious eaten straight out of hand, or when baked or cooked. Figs also goes very well with herbs and spices like anise, balsamic vinegar, basil, chocolate, cinnamon and citrus. But our favorite way to serve them at Paris Party & Events is as a Hors D’Oeuvre, stuffed with brie and wrapped in Italian prosciutto.

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