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Love Is In The Air! Wedding Season Is Here.

Friends, good food, cake, and dancing. What’s not to like about weddings? Well, just one little thing: it drains your bank account!

So here are some tips for a beautiful wedding on a budget:

  •  Wedding Venue: 

The wedding venue can be costly, but you can save a lot of money by getting married on a day other than Saturday. You can also consider a more affordable venue like the beach or a beautiful city park.

  •  Food & Drinks:

Consider serving heavy appetizers and Hors D’oeuvres instead of a sit-down meal. This is a great and affordable way to serve many different foods. Also find a venue that allows you to bring your own liquor, beer, and wine. The bar tab is generally the most expensive part of the refreshments. You can simply hire a Bartender through your catering company.

  •  Wedding Photographer

You want to make sure that you have a keepsake that will remind you of every moment and every emotion of that day, which unfortunately can be very expensive. Consider hiring someone that’s just getting started in their career or someone who shoots weddings as a side gig.

  • Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers can cost thousands of dollars, but if you are frugal you can easily cut your flower bill down to only a couple hundred dollars. Be smart about what types of flower you choose. You can even consider making the centerpiece yourself; you can have a lot of fun with it and not spend much money. With some basic instructions, the catering staff can also help with setting up the arrangements.

  • Wedding Favors

It is traditional to give wedding favors to your guests as an appreciation for their loving support. When you have a large wedding, the cost of favors can be fairly expensive, so again consider making them yourself, by doing something as simple as bagging up some candy or burning a CD.

And above all remember, the amount of money you spend on your wedding day is not a direct correlation to how wonderful it will be. You can have a beautiful, memorable day for far less than the average $20,000.


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